Atalanta, Percassi: “Europa League? Unexpected and deserved. With Real Madrid it will be a fantastic match”

The CEO of Atalanta Luca Percassi spoke to DAZN after the 2-3 defeat against Fiorentina.

Do you get used to seeing the cup?
“Always nice to see it. Unexpected and deserved goal, we are at the end of a great season and we have achieved something extraordinary. Now it’s good to rest and then start again.”

What did you say to Gasperini to stay?
“We have known each other for many years, he knows well the value of Atalanta. We hope that the day we part ways will be as far away as possible. We are a small reality, always with our feet on the ground.”

In Bergamo we talk about football.
“We were born from this football experience, today we have a great sporting director in D’Amico and he works in silence. We are growing and doing many things, all deserved on the pitch and achieved one step at a time.”

Real Madrid awaits you.
“Playing against the most famous team in the world will be fantastic. We hope to make a good impression.”

How difficult will it be to hold on to all your jewelry?
“Many kids arrived in the summer, protagonists of something unique. It’s up to us to valorize them and, also in sales, try to strengthen ourselves. We’ll have to continue like this, it’s a long time between now and August 31st.”

What is it like to share this joy with dad?
“An enormous satisfaction. He lives in Atalanta and everyone who comes to the stadium experiences his emotions. We didn’t realize what we had done, but we will have to move on because every match is complicated.”