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“A Champions League final is always uncertain, even if Real Madrid perhaps has a 51% chance of passing. Real always comes out on top and everyone sees it as such. But in a final anything is possible. Being a friend of Ancelotti obviously I hope he can do it.” Thus to TuttoMercatoWeb.com the former sporting director of Milan and Barcelona, ​​Ariedo Braida.

The Italy of football will support Real Madrid for Ancelotti.
“All Italians will be rooting for him. Regardless of the fact that he coaches Real Madrid, he is a person who is well-regarded everywhere, he has few equals and no one is like him. Like many others, I say, force Ancelotti, it’s clear. Then football is made up of episodes and emotions, whoever has the skill and ability to score the first goal will be able to win the match.”

From one winner to another. Napoli is aiming for Antonio Conte.
“He certainly needs no introduction. Everywhere it has given an identity and a now consolidated trademark. Conte is a coach prepared in all respects. And he wants mature players, capable of satisfying his requests.”

For the post-Pioli team, Milan chose Fonseca, a name that does not warm up the Rossoneri environment.
“I do not say anything. Whoever is in charge of managing must choose. Then time will tell whether the choices were made well or not. The only judge is time.”

There is a lot of skepticism around…
“I’m not skeptical. We need to be realistic. Time will tell if it’s the right choice or not. I don’t feel like condemning anyone. In football you can do well or not well. However, Fonseca has coached on various occasions. He is not naive. Even if coaching Milan isn’t the simplest thing in the world. They will decide the time and the type of players he will have available.”

However, the premises do not inflame AC Milan fans.
“Maybe sometimes one arrives without the limelight and then proves the detractors wrong. A drastic or positive evaluation cannot be made a priori.”

Serie B: Venezia-Cremonese on Sunday.
“It will be a very balanced match. In the championship they finished third and fourth. Both teams made the semi-finals and passed them easily. The first leg said that it is a match on equal terms and both can win.”

Director, are you back on track?
“Football is my passion. I want to continue. I am able to be useful to anyone who may need it. If anyone thinks I can help, I’m here.”