What happened to Ronaldo? Summoned to testify in the trial against his brother, he cannot be found

Where have you been Cristiano Ronaldo? It is a curious story, the one that comes from Turin, also because it involves one of the most famous footballers – if not the footballer – in the world. According to reports from Turin Courierin its online pages, the Portuguese champion, today at Al Nassr and in the past at Juventus, would in fact be untraceable for Italian justice.

The affair does not affect CR7 directly, but as a witness. Today, Friday 31 May, Ronaldo was supposed to appear in court in Turin, to testify in front of judge Alessandra Salvadori as part of the trial in which his brother Hugo Dinarte Santos Aveiro is accused of an alleged scam linked to the production and marketing of shirts too similar in graphics to those of Juventus, with a slight difference due to the addition of the “CR7Museu” logo.

It didn’t happen, and it seems that contacting Ronaldo is more complicated than expected. The lawyer Roberto Capra, lawyer of the entrepreneur Rocco Valenti, who is said to be the victim of the alleged scam, had to deal with the summons. Who, however, explained that he was unable to discover CR7’s residence, but that he had tried to serve the summons both to Al Nassr himself and to Massara, the Madeira-based company that deals with the footballer’s merchandising. This last summons would have been successful, but it is not clear whether Ronaldo knew he had to appear in court. The judge therefore ordered a long adjournment, until October 4, necessary to try to trace Ronaldo, who the lawyer of the alleged offended party proposes could also be heard via video link, and to fill some procedural gaps in the interests of Hugo Dinarte Santos Aveiro .