The harsh law of Real: Borussia Dortmund beaten 2-0, Madrid is European champion!

Real Madrid beat Borussia Dortmund 2-0 and won the Champions League: Carvajal and Vinicius scored.

Don’t tell Lineker. Why yes: football is a simple thing, twenty-two men chase a ball. And in the end, if it’s a Champions League final, it’s not the Germans who win but the real Madrid. The merengues they play badly for over an hour, then they turn on and beat the 2-0 Borussia Dortmund. For the fifteenth time in their incredible history, Madrid are crowned champions of Europe, in their own way: they can dominate or not, in the end what counts is winning. THE blancos, when it comes to the last act of the highest continental competition, they do only this: the last knockout actually dates back to 1981. Against an English team, Liverpool, just as Wembley is English, who supported the yellow and black team and applauded the last team with Dortmund by Reus, but in the end he had to bow out. To the harsh law of Carlo Ancelotti, at his fifth Champions League which is not a record only because it was already his. To that of Dani Carvajal, six Champions like Kroos, Modric and Nacho, the faithful who reached Gento, who seemed unattainable. It’s the same old story: in the end Real Madrid wins, in the end the strongest win. From next year there will be the new Champions League. But there is only one question, given that in the evening Vinicius he reminded us how the future could also belong to Madrid: will anything change? At Terzic’s Dortmund the honor of arms and a silver medal: it’s worth a lot, the season remains amazing. And the Germans would have deserved at least one goal.

TMW live coverage of the Champions League final

Great Dortmund, little Real. But at half-time it was 0-0. We don’t even have time to start and we’re already stopping: the security measures adopted at Wembley are not enough to avoid the invasion of the pitch, a great classic of these events, after just 30 seconds. Once the false start is over, the first half is almost entirely black and yellow, apart from the result which will remain unclear. The first shock after twenty minutes: Hummels pockets, Rudiger does not follow the movement of Adeyemi who appears all alone in front of Courtois. Having discarded the Belgian, the 2002 class suffered the return of Carvajal, providential for Real in avoiding a goal already scored. The chance cheers up the Germans and completely sends Madrid’s rearguard into the ball. Fullkrug runs away – perhaps offside – and crosses: post. Adeyemi makes a gap on the competent side: the German serves the center forward another chocolate, Courtois is there. Even in the final, when Sabitzer draws the joker from outside but finds the Belgian.

The usual Real. Ancelotti, who doesn’t make any changes in the second half, must have said something to his team. Madrid returning to the field is not the same and immediately creates two scoring opportunities: Kobel takes away a free kick from Kroos, on the resulting corner Carvajal anticipates everyone but misses the target. It is once again the full-back who challenges the Swiss goalkeeper, who is attentive to his own post. On the opposite front, the usual Fullkrug triggered by the usual Adeyemi calls into question Courtois, who was the best on the pitch for large stretches of the evening. Everything is ready for the prank, and in fact there it is: on the third occasion, a minute after Marco Reus’ entry, Carvajal passes and explodes the Madrid fans. The Spanish full-back cuts first and higher than Hummels on Kroos’ corner: 1-0, nothing for Kobel to do. It’s a goal that breaks the legs of the Germans, in fact the encore arrives shortly after: Maatsen gives the ball to Bellingham, who offers Vinicius the opportunity – realized – for the 2-0.