Taranto, Capuano: “I still have a long contract, let’s see what will happen”

The Taranto coach spoke during the “Grand Gala of Lucanian football”. Ezio Capuano he spoke about his contractual situation with the Ionian club while also taking a look at the play-offs still in progress. Here are his words:

On Taranto: ”I still have a long contract with Taranto, let’s see what happens. I am very close to the people of Taranto and my football does not leave out feelings, even if only those who are grateful have gratitude in life. So, let’s see what happens, for the moment I’m tied to Taranto. With great honesty I have had some requests, even important ones, but I still have a long contract”

On the play offs: ”Carrarese is a good team, structured to win the championship. Calabro and Padovano did something unthinkable. Vicenza, at least until the match against Avellino, was the team to beat, but after watching the first leg match against the Irpinia team, who deserved to win, I changed my mind. I think both races are open to any result”