Rome, via Abraham to finance the attack in attack

There is an attack to redo. Via Romelu Lukake and with Tammy Abraham no longer representing a priority in the Roma project, Ghisolfi will have to give De Rossi a new offensive tandem. Belotti will return from the loan to Fiorentina and could be used as assistant to a starter who will still have to be purchased and to finance the move the idea of ​​the Giallorossi boss is to sell the English striker. Three seasons ago he was paid 42 million euros, in the meantime the cost has been amortized but it is difficult, today, to think of selling him for a figure higher than 25-30 million because if the first season was excellent, the second so-so and he practically didn’t play the third due to the rupture of his cruciate ligament. In any case, his sale would serve to finance the coup for the attack with the objective called Jonathan David, a Lille striker, who has scored 43 goals in the last two seasons in Ligue 1.

Roma are not the only club interested and the price tag is not valued less than 40 million. It could be lower, however, considering the fact that the player has already communicated to the French club that he will not renew. The cost of the salary, around 1.5 million per season, and the age (born in 2000), make the Canadian center forward the ideal profile, but a lot of work will still be needed to bring him to Trigoria. To date, however, there is not even a real negotiation, but only the intention to bring him to the capital. And without the revenues of the Champions League, much will depend on transfers. Tammy’s first and foremost.