Real Madrid report cards – Carvajal and Kroos 8: the old guard takes King Charles to the top of Europe

(74′ Carvajal, 83′ Vinicius Jr)

Courtois 8 – The surprise move: in this Champions League he made his debut directly in the final. Luckily, he knows something about how the big-eared cup is won: it is the bulwark on which Dortmund hits.

Carvajal 8 – In the first half, Adeyemi remains to watch, a Ferrari against a Topolino. He changes gear in the second half, when he becomes the most dangerous on the Wembley pitch. On the third occasion it is he, who has won six of the Champions League with today’s one, who scores the goal which, in fact, is worth

Rudiger 6 – What a long way, from his days in Stuttgart to being the best defender in Europe’s most important competition… Not tonight, at least not until Real put their heads forward. Fullkrug runs away from him from all sides.

Nacho 6 – Sufficiency, for those who win the sixth Champions League in their career, is practically a must. If it had gone differently, the vote would have been decidedly lower. A candle to San Thibaut.

Mendy 6.5 – Contains Sancho, who partly stops on his own. Not very proactive when pushing. And the feeling that in a few weeks (did someone say Davies?) That armband will no longer be his.

Valverde 6.5 – Madrid’s most underrated player, who almost everyone already considers out of the typical lineup in the next season Galacticos. We’ll see, in the meantime, the usual substance.

Camavinga 6 – He can play anywhere, okay. From the bottom, however, he is better off handing over the keys to the German down here.

Kroos 8 – The last match with the clubs couldn’t have gone differently. He draws football, from free kicks and from corners. The Golden Ball that some are calling for would perhaps be excessive. Of course, if he won the European Championships… (From 85′ Modric sv).

Rodrygo 6 – Here’s another one who, had things gone differently, would hardly have come close to 5, to be generous. Phantom ending. (From 90′ Militao sv).

Bellingham 7 – He disappears for large stretches, also because he is rarely served by his companions. Maatsen takes care of it and he provides the assist that is worth the double, the definitive safety. (From 85′ Joselu sv).

Vinicius 7.5 – He may not be the nicest player on the planet, but few are as friendly with the ball as he is. The goal is easy, but very heavy because it closes the issue. There was talk of the Ballon d’Or: the way it works, he is the big favourite. (From 90’+3 Vazquez sv).

Carlo Ancelotti 9 – We would all like to have his seraphic calm. Impossible while the team struggles, doesn’t build, suffers and risks going under. In the locker room, however, he must have said something, given that Real at the start of the second half was a decidedly better version than the one “admired” until half-time. Fifth Champions League on the board as a coach. And he always gives the idea that the best is yet to come.