Potenza, the casting for the new sports director continues: Martone the favourite

In home Power casting is underway to understand and decide who will be the new sporting director of the rossoblù team. As reported by tuttopotenza.comin recent days there was an informal chat between the CEO of the Lucanian club Nicola Macchia and Aniello Martonea Neapolitan manager who in the past managed the technical area of ​​Imolese and Casertana among others.

The decision on who will replace Natino Varrà it is delicate and will have to be taken very carefully because making a mistake right away would be detrimental after what happened in recent months. The objective is to close the ‘selection’ as soon as possible as the new sporting director will have the task of choosing the new Potenza coach… we repeat it as a warning to sailors that the new sporting director will have the task of choosing the Potenza’s new coach.

According to the latest rumours, Martone could be the favorite to raise the bar after a less than exciting season, with salvation only reaching the play outs with Monterosi. Too little for president Macchia’s club, despite the many investments in the structures and above all for a significant budget made available for the preparation of the squad.