Parma, one more year with Pecchia: general agreement for contract renewal

Fabio Pecchia and Parma, forward together. According to what we read in today’s edition of Tuttosportthere is already a general agreement between the Formia native coach and the ducal club for a contract renewal until 2026. The coach who brought Bernabé and his teammates to Serie A should soon sign the extension.

With what objective? That of experiencing a quiet season upon returning to the top flight, with a possible view of the center of the table. Currently the contract expires in June 2025, but the crusader club wants to show great trust in Rafael Benitez’s former deputy by locking him in with an agreement longer than one year.

Recently Pecchia had already made it clear that he wanted to continue at Parma, issuing some statements on the sidelines of an event in the Region: “The philosophy is quite clear, we continue on this path. Every year there has been a completion of the squad. Last year It didn’t help much, for next year we will have further discussions to face Serie A and to be ready. The philosophy remains that of wanting to work with young people with perspective and values.”