Parma, Charpentier towards permanence. The agent: “Mutual will, he is ready for Serie A”

Decisive for promotion now Gabriel Charpentier he wants to play his cards in Serie A too. His first season at Parma was one to forget, full of injuries, while this season of his rise to the top flight saw him among the protagonists. Interviewed by Parmalive.comthe agent of the Ducal striker, Amadou Konté, projected himself into the future:

“He is a competitive person and a player that Parma has made complete in the game. He is the right age and the right mentality. He is totally 100% ready for Serie A. In the top flight some players are much more comfortable based on their characteristics, this is the case in my opinion.”

Have you already spoken to the company? When will we have news?

“At the right time, the club will communicate the news. He is a highly appreciated player, but our intention, as I have already said, is to continue in Parma and this intention is mutual. Football, however, is an unpredictable environment where nothing is guaranteed until last moment”.