Naples, Lele Oriali will also arrive with Conte, but it is a separate negotiation: the details

The wait is all for Antonio Conte and everything else in Naples appears secondary. Yet the arrival of Gabriele Oriali in blue it is very significant. The city newspaper wrote it today Rome, saying that the former Inter and national team manager was strongly supported by Conte, so much so that he “entered” the agreement with the Italian club. Oriali will also take on the role of team manager at Napoli, which he occupied during his experience with Conte at Inter and in the national team, but also subsequently, again with Italy.

The current Neapolitan team manager, Bebbe Santoro, should remain, but with a different role, probably linked to the youth sector: his historic expertise. However, being a character of depth, Oriali deserves a separate negotiation, conducted in parallel with that of Conte and which is down to the details. The feeling is that Oriali’s announcement is contemporary with Conte’s and there seems to be no doubt about the arrival of the expert manager in Campania.