Muraro: “Lautaro is a symbol for Inter, luckily they found an agreement”

During an interview granted to the microphones of Tag24the former footballer Carlo Muraro he analyzes Inter’s future like this: “If Inter remains this way and continues to have performances like those we have seen this season, I believe that at least for now they will remain uncatchable. In any case it is normal that the gap will shorten. Both Fonseca and Conte, who only plays to win, will bring wealth to the Italian championship. The important thing is that next year it can be an even more competitive Serie A.”

On Lautaro: “Honestly, I was surprised when I read that the contract renewal could have been long-term. Luckily, however, they reached an agreement and this is the best thing for the Nerazzurri fans. Lautaro is not only the captain, but also a symbol , one of those who always fights on the pitch until the last second for the whole team. I would have been very disappointed if he had decided to leave for financial reasons.”

He comments on Oaktree: “It doesn’t worry me since it has already been decided to move forward with the same structure from a sporting point of view. If the same managers remain, who have worked very well so far, without spending too much money, I’m calm. I think May it also affect Oaktree’s interest. Inter are already perfectly organised, they know who they have to buy and it’s right to continue on this path. The important thing is that there is continuity from a sporting point of view and that they don’t question themselves Marotta and Ausilio, who worked perfectly.”