Materazzi: “Oaktree gave carte blanche to Marotta and Ausilio, luckily this isn’t the case at Milan”

Marco Materazziformer defender of Inter and the national team, focused on the events at the Nerazzurri in an interview given to the microphone of Sky Sportsstarting with the farewell of Suning and Steven Zhang and the installation of the Oaktree fund as the new owner:

“It’s a shame, I didn’t expect it because I’m not inside but I know that there are people who are more than prepared and who have demonstrated their worth over the years, like Ausilio, Marotta, Antonello and all those who work to bring 75 thousand people to the stadium beyond To the kids.

On the one hand I thank Steven for what he did: he promised trophies and seven arrived, it wasn’t a given. Whoever arrived gave carte blanche to the people who know about football and are inside the club, something which fortunately for Inter was not done on the other side of Milan.”