Made for Conte, Di Lorenzo puzzle. And Kvara says yes to PSG: hours of fire at Napoli

Antonio Conte will be the next Napoli coach, all that is missing is the official status: a definitive agreement has in fact been reached between the parties on the salary and the bonuses that the coach will receive in his new adventure in Serie A. Aurelio De Laurentiis and Antonio Conte also found a solution regarding image rights and members of the coach’s staff, with the signature expected to arrive on Monday, when the official announcement will also be made.

Di Lorenzo, the agent’s words and the Napoli statement.
Mario Giuffredi, Di Lorenzo’s attorney, spoke again: “You have read my thoughts from my interviews, but that is not just my thoughts, I am not a madman, before speaking I always discuss with my clients. We do not move from a comma from my previous statements. It has nothing to do with the tactical or technical aspect or who the new coach will be. These are choices that one makes independently of football. There are many other dynamics and situations where a player makes reflections and decides what I’m happy for Conte, it was the only right medicine and being coached by him is an honor, but the coach had nothing to do with Di Lorenzo’s decisions.” Napoli’s response, however, was harsh: “Calcio Napoli notes with surprise that, for the umpteenth time in a few days, Mr. Mario Giuffredi states that Giovanni Di Lorenzo will leave Napoli. It is important to point out that Di Lorenzo has a contract with Napoli for another 4 sporting seasonsis not part of the group of players whose possible transfer to another club the club will evaluate and therefore his possible transfer is excluded.”

Kvara says yes to PSG.
Khvicha Kvaratskhelia he said yes to Paris Saint-Germain. She’s certain of it The Teamone of the most important sports newspapers in France, which reveals how the player has given his consent to the transfer to Ligue 1. PSG would also have in hand the financial agreement with the Georgian but it is not certain that it will also be able to find it with Aurelio De Laurentiis, given that the Italian owner is not convinced of losing both him and Osimhen in a single transfer session.