Lucchese, double transfer route towards Catania: Peralta and Ladinetti in the sights

Lucchese already looking for reinforcements in view of the next Serie C season. However, they are also looking for some old targets from last summer.

In fact, according to what was reported by Sports newspaper the Panthers Tuscany to raise the bar and aim for a tournament as absolute protagonists would have started evaluating two players of the Catania.

It’s about Diego Peralta(already searched for in the past) offensive winger born in 1996, fresh from a season in Sicily with 35 appearances, 3 goals and 9 assists, and of Riccardo Ladinettimidfielder born in 2000 sold by the Etna club last January on loan to Taranto (overall 22 appearances for him).

For both the idea would be to set up a temporary transfer.