Lautaro-Inter renewal: Toro’s will is decisive. For the club without an agreement there would have been farewell

Lautaro Martinez he said yes toInter! The renewal until 2029 is ready for significant figures, close to 9 million, plus the bonuses that will bring the Argentine striker into double figures. The will of the player was decisive as he took a step back from the initial requests, going towards his club. As he explains Corriere dello Sport on newsstands today, there will be no clause in the new agreement.

Furthermore, Lautaro’s will was decisive, given that the Argentine had already explained for some time that he wanted to resolve the issue before leaving with his national team for the America’s Cup, starting on 20 June in the United States. Inter, for their part, remained firm on their starting positions, considering immediate divorce as the only alternative due to a contract expiring in 2026. “The managers were rather surprised by the bar of demands raised in recent weeks , compared to what was taken into consideration at the beginning of the talks”. Lautaro thus personally chose not to force his hand.