Kamada leaves, Fabiani doesn’t tell her. Tudor and Luis Alberto, Lazio in the balance

The first topic is the one related to Daichi Kamada, who did not trigger the renewal option with Lazio and who will therefore leave. The sporting director of Lazio, Angelo Fabiani, however, did not tell them, and stated: “I start from a fixed point, when there is a wind of change either you have solid foundations or you are swept away. I have always having said that the members must be at the service of Lazio, not the other way around. With Kamada last year they focused on the boy given the problems with Luis Alberto and they were looking for a player with those characteristics, Sarri gave the green light to the entourage and the player set the conditions for an annual contract with a unilateral three-year renewal, to do this operation there were costs such as two million in commissions and three in wages. Yesterday on May 30th the clause in favor of Kamada to renew expired. we found ourselves faced with something unexpected, if he had not exercised the clause he would have left without problems. The entourage asked us to repeat the same operation for another year and we were faced with great rudeness, given that. that we don’t let anyone blackmail us. I made it clear that we would not submit to this situation. The players must then be capitalized, if I had renewed the same operation there would not have been the possibility of making a capital gain. This is unacceptable, the agents and the players must understand that whoever wears the Lazio shirt must love it.”

Chapter Luis Alberto.
Fabiani’s words also on the future of Luis Alberto: “We are evaluating in these hours and the percentage of farewells is very high, we are not keeping anyone reluctantly. He has this intention and we will try to satisfy him. I don’t sleep at night, with Sassuolo I had a terrible fear of leaving Lazio without European competition. We have to work with people who love this shirt.” Claudio Lotito, however, warned the Spaniard: “I don’t care, he’s the one who wants to leave. He has a 4-year contract here and can stay in Formello. The offer from Qatar is low for me and, to compensate and accept it, I asked the player to give up something since he said publicly that he no longer wants a euro from Lazio.”

Finally Tudor.
Igor Tudor leaving Lazio is more than a rumor. Because if it is true that there is no intention on Lazio’s part to replace the Croatian coach, on the other hand he himself has had some hesitations in the last few hours. Because there seems to be an air of uncertainty between Luis Alberto who wants to go and play in Doha, Kamada who could say goodbye and go to the Premier League. Furthermore, he would like a fairly large revolution. Tudor has no problems possibly resigning, as already happened a year ago with Olympique Marseille.