Juventus: sale of some young players to finance the transfer market. Here’s who could leave

First Thiago Motta will be made official as the new coach, then the real Juventus transfer market will begin. Up until now there have been many rumors, indiscretions, pseudo-news, suppositions and leaks, then the moment of truth will come with Giuntoli busy weaving the fabric that will have to produce an excellent quality fabric, to strengthen a Juve in need of additions. The budget available to the Juventus management will not go beyond 35-40 million, hence the absolute need to devise a careful strategy that takes into account the resources represented by the young people, both for those currently in the workforce and for those owned by Juventus , who played elsewhere. The not high nest egg set by the owners for market operations underlies a clear factor, the management will have to be very good at self-financing the purchasing campaign, giving up some interpreters of the green line who do not fall within the plans drawn up, in harmony with the ‘trainer. With the strong hope that the sacrifice of a big player in the squad will not be necessary, and here the names of Bremer, Chiesa and Vlahovic have been circulated many times, even if, at the moment, there is no certainty in this regard. The concept seems obvious, to strengthen Juve we should avoid depriving ourselves of the big players, even just one, in order to build on them, maintaining a tested and widely known chassis: depriving ourselves of them would be very similar to the pace of the shrimp, marching forward and then retreating.

Property and society, with Giuntoli at the forefront, must take this iron concept into account: to create competitiveness it is necessary to maintain the strong points and build around them, not selling them to acquire liquidity to reinvest. It is very true that the new project is based on sustainability, cuts in salaries and players not considered necessary, plus the necessary exaltation of the green line, but it is clear that not all young people are capable of becoming important pieces for the first team: the few big must remain, given that it will be necessary to store quality and not waste it. What could be the pawns that Juve appears ready to sacrifice on the altar of the transfer market? A large group of young people who could bring, to the Continassa headquarters, a nice treasure to be reinvested in negotiations, which could be headed by Iling Jr., Nicolussi Caviglia, Soulè, Kaio Jorge, Barrenechea and perhaps Huijsen, without forgetting Barbieri and Facundo Gonzalez . All little gems who, in one way or another, have stood out or shone, in their own way, in this latest season, and who almost all come from the considerable talent pool of the Next Gen.

Soulè played an excellent championship in Frosinone, his first in Serie A, with consistency, assists, and many goals. An Arab offer of 30 million had arrived for him in January, rejected by the boy and the Zebra club. But in the summer the front will reopen and for an offer of 35-40 million euros the Argentine could leave, unless the new coach vetoes. Iling Jr. had already received offers from his homeland last summer, for a valuation of around 20 million he could return to England, then there are scenarios that could unfold, abroad, also for Kaio Jorge and who knows maybe for Huijsen, a true jewel who Madame would do very well to hold on tight. For the remaining boys, opportunities may materialize in our championship, to be used as technical counterparts to lower the value of the players’ price tag that Juve aspires to.

For Calafiori from Bologna, for example, Juventus could introduce some players chosen from the Bologna club, with a range starting from Nicolussi Caviglia to reach F. Gonzalez, passing through Barbieri or Barrenechea. For the “veteran” Miretti, however, the situation may be different, it will only be up to Thiago Motta to choose whether to keep him on a permanent basis or send him to play on loan for a season, for the other guys mentioned the summer of 2024 could turn into the step of ‘final farewell to the black and white colours. In short, Juventus will have to sell in order to buy, the self-financing of the market also passes through these operations which will have to prove profitable and not very painful, in terms of players to let go. For Giuntoli, an enormous amount of work is expected, with a margin of error that must be very limited, otherwise the road that leads to the expansion of a squad based on quality risks becoming an uphill path, fraught with difficulties.