Juventus-Allegri, the FIGC is annoyed by what happened. He believes it’s image damage


The epilogue of the matter between Massimiliano Allegri and Juventus also reaches the top levels of our Federation. Because the FIGC is annoyed by the image of Italian football, tainted by what will be a battle between the most successful team in our history and the highest paid coach, at least until recently, in the championship. Today Allegri was notified of his dismissal for just cause and it is clear that the issue will not stop here, because there could be a very long legal battle.

On the one hand there will be the Juventus club which could ask Allegri for damage to its image. The coach, for his part, will certainly challenge the dismissal for just cause. A long time is expected, also given what happened some time ago between Petrachi and Roma. What is certain is that the Federation is not liking everything that is happening, also because the fire broke out on the sidelines of the Italian Cup final, won by Juventus against Atalanta.

In short, a fairly thorny and complicated situation to resolve. Allegri still had one year left on his contract at 9 million euros net. It goes without saying that the Bianconeri, dismissing him for just cause, would not want to recognize the next twelve months of the coach’s agreement.