Italy, Donnarumma: “I talk to Spalletti from Naples, he gets excited. It makes us feel good”

Gianluigi Donnarummacaptain of the Italian national team, spoke to the microphones of Sky touching on various themes. “I try to set an example, be myself and without changing anything. I have had many examples like Giorgio, Leo, Gigi, take something from them. We are many leaders in this team, everyone must feel like captains, an example for the team, bringing a unique, united group, an important bond has been created between us. We have quality, a great coach who will certainly put us right, make us feel important, to play great matches

On Spalletti.
“We get along very well, we all know what results he has brought in recent years, he prepares matches well, he makes us feel very good even off the pitch. I thank him for the trust he gives me every time, as well as a lot of advice. Listening to a coach with such great experience gives you a hand, for me it is important to listen to him and take all the indications he can give me.”

On Naples.
“A few words, Spalletti, about Napoli. He has had a great experience, he has given and taken a lot, he gets emotional every time he talks about Napoli. He is our coach and we hope to bring joy to the whole country.”