Ferdinand on Bellingham: “Never seen a 19-year-old so relaxed before a Champions League final”

The tranquility and serenity it transmits Jude Bellingham even in the pre-match against Borussia Dortmund before playing the final of Champions League at Wembley with the real Madrid it’s a unique scene. So impactful, even for a symbol of English football and Manchester United like Rio Ferdinandwho spoke at TNT Sports 2 dedicated a brief observation on the 2003 class of merengues:

“I’ve never seen a 19-year-old boy so relaxed, and the confidence. He’s so mature. I can’t imagine the day before the Champions League final with mine family, when they wouldn’t have been in the stands anyway because they were never admitted. But entering the stadium – she continued -, stopping and going there to say: ‘Yes, everything is fine. I had some things to do today before today’s training.”

How to keep your mind busy with the little things, without getting overwhelmed by the pressure. This is the secretaccording to the former defender of Red Devils: “The way he makes you seem so relaxed and calm, but for such a young guy…I think he’s taking his mind off of such a big moment that he’s trying to fit into. I think that’s what he thinks. I I was always very intense in my emotions.”