Fabregas harsh: “Sancho, Amrabat and Casemiro are bad. There is something wrong with United”

Cesc Fabregas outspoken. The current Como manager, as well as a former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder, believes that it is no coincidence that three players have ruined their careers by signing with Manchester United. An authentic broadside from the 37-year-old Spaniard who refers in particular to Casemiro, Jadon Sancho and Sofyan Amrabat.

From the Brazilian, with a season from nightmare and constantly unmotivated, he informs The Sun, passing through the Moroccan midfielder, who did not live up to expectations once signed by Fiorentina. Arriving at the English right winger who took off with Borussia Dortmund before moving to Red Devils and live a quarrel off the field with Erik ten Hag.

In short, everyone suffered a decline in shape unpredictable after the move to Old Trafford. A destiny which scored several United players Glazer. As analyzed by Fabregas himself, who however keeps the door open for the rebirth of the English club: “Manchester United will return because they are a great team, but look at Jadon Sancho. He is not doing well at United, he goes to Dortmund and seems like the player again that we all thought he would become.”

“Look at the midfielder who impressed with Morocco – the words of the Spanish coach collected by the British tabloid – at the World Cup (Amrabat, ed.), he was fantastic. Then he went to Man United and was never the same player again. Casemiro has won one Champions League after another at Real Madrid, then he went to Manchester United – said Fabregas – and obviously this makes me think there is something wrong . It’s not a coincidence that three high-level players arrive and suddenly they don’t do well.”