Costacurta: “Real Madrid have played 7 finals since 2000. How many have they lost?”

Alessandro Costacurtaguest of Sky before the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, he analyzed the themes of the evening. And he explained how certain matches are experienced: “You can’t wait to start, at least for me when I got off the bus it was like that. The first finals for us were linked to the fact that we had coaches, like Capello and Sacchi, who asked us silence in the locker room. With the arrival of Ancelotti this decision softened a little, also because there were many players who needed to talk and let off steam, I’m thinking of Pirlo and Nesta. We laughed a little more.”

The challenge between Rudiger and Fullkrug?“It seems to me tonight that the two best central defenders are facing each other, I’m almost sorry to say it but I have to apologize to Hummels: I always thought he was the weak link, in the last four games he has won the MVP award three times. And Rudiger he took a step forward: he became less provocative, I think it’s thanks to Ancelotti’s work.”

Favorite for tonight, also given the approach to the match?
“Since 2000, the final against Valencia, Real Madrid have played seven finals. How many have they lost? I think they know how to prepare for it well. Let’s say they know a few things.”

TMW live coverage of the Champions League final