Catania, the former Rigoli: “Tuscan? A strong profile, the important thing is that the club supports him”

Pino Rigolicoach of Catania in the 2016/17 season, he spoke to the microphones of Catanista regarding the Etna club: “The initially declared objectives were to have a top championship and it wasn’t, the players taken individually are of a high profile, then put together they didn’t give the feeling that they could fight for a great objective. Of course the Serie C Cup has arrived and should not be underestimated, it allowed us to make the play-offs, but there was no change in direction.”

He continues: “The club has spared no effort in a year in which Juve Stabia and Mantova won and spent less than half compared to Catania. We must now try not to repeat the mistakes made. The fixed point must be the club, who has proven to be there with facts. Then as far as staff, coach and team are concerned, choices will be made. Patience is needed, because it is not a given that if the coach who has won 10 championships arrives, he will win immediately. .

On the possibility of Toscano going to lead the rossoazzurri: “Unfortunately I’m biased, because Mimmo is a friend I often hear from: we did the master’s degree together and there’s always a good exchange with him. He’s a profile of depth and temperament , the important thing is that the club supports him. He has won everywhere and in all the groups, the support must be logistical and total, because he has his own modus operandi. I am referring to the fact that for example a field like Cibalino can be useful for a few sessions, then the match must be prepared during the week on a pitch with suitable dimensions”.