Bonucci: “The farewell to Juve still hurts. We have given up legal action”

“A scar that still hurts.” He explains it like this Leonardo Bonucci, a former defender who retired in these hours, bid farewell to Juventus. “I would have liked a different ending, but perhaps it hasn’t arrived yet. After the initial anger I reflected, we discussed it and giving up legal action was the right thing, because for me Juve has always been everything, ever since I played playing football in the room with my brother. Love remains intact.”

What wouldn’t you do again?
“The argument with Allegri in Juve-Palermo: an instinctive reaction that I could have managed better. The choices instead were consequences of situations I experienced that improved me as a footballer and a man. In recent days I have had proof of having behaved correctly in the The best part is the private messages from my teammates. I’ve had a nice career as an unpleasant person, but I’ve never put on a mask.

An opinion on Juventus 2023-24.
“When you play for Juve you can’t be satisfied with placing in the Champions League. Today’s squad can compete with those who finished ahead, even with Inter who have made an incredible journey. The value is there, in moments of difficulty it doesn’t attention was kept high.”