Atalanta, the party explodes. Gasperini: “At a certain point I understood that we could go high”

“At a certain point we began to believe and understand that we could go higher and higher.” With these words Gian Piero Gasperini it summed up the essence of a people, of a team pushed by an entire city to achieve an impossible feat. Atalanta’s great celebration it began yesterday morning in the Municipality, where the mayor Giorgio Gori presented all the Nerazzurri with the gold medal and the civic merit for the feat achieved in Dublin. An unexpected success that came thanks to everyone’s push.

Gasp’s words
“In the end we realized that behind us there was enormous happiness, it was what gave us the most pleasure of all. Every time we go around the city we see happy people, for us this was the greatest success, it was wonderful to see people hugging you, waking up in the morning and thinking more about us, like coming to Rome and Dublin, all the sacrifices made at the stadium, this was something wonderful. We understood what the history of Bergamo and this city, what is behind this team, all the players who have passed and brought a small contribution, it is extraordinary to understand the attachment and faith, what Atalanta represents”, reiterated the technician.

A historic day therefore ends, with the open bus crossing the city, pushed by the usual crowd. A magical night between choirs and banners, between Nerazzurri flags and an incredible party, to celebrate a sensational feat. Bergamo is celebrating, waiting for the future, and has no intention of waking up from the dream.