Apologies to Locatelli, Fagioli and the ‘lazy’ Scamacca: all Spalletti from Coverciano

First day of training in Coverciano for Luciano Spalletti’s national team who will make their debut at the European Championship against Albania in two weeks. Today the coach inaugurated the Azzurri’s gathering with a long press conference during which he touched on various topics: “Wearing the Italy shirt is a wonderful opportunity we have to multiply the expectations and emotions of those who follow us What becomes fundamental is that we must make the promise to all Italians that we will be worthy of the fortune that has befallen us, we must show this clearly that we are worthy of wearing this shirt”, said the coach who in In the afternoon he trained 27 players in a session that saw the team focus mainly on the concepts of playing under pressure and rapid recovery after losing the ball.
During the back-and-forth, Spalletti also focused at length on the individuals. Below are the links with the most interesting passages and the full press conference.

Spalletti on the exclusion of Bonaventura: “He has more things than Bellingham… but he arrived tired”

Spalletti on Chiesa’s role: “He can play anywhere. But for me he must be isolated”

Italy, Spalletti: “Scamacca stayed out because I saw laziness. Now he has grown thanks to Gasp”

Spalletti on Locatelli’s exclusion: “He’s just a little too conservative. I apologize to him”

Spalletti on Frattesi: “I don’t have to give him a shirt just because he scored 6 goals for Inter”

Spalletti, the full press conference: CLICK HERE