Al-Khelaifi: “I don’t understand Real and Barça but open doors. If I were Laporta I would return to the ECA tomorrow”

On the eve of the Champions League final, London hosted the meeting of the ECA executive committee, where Nasser Al Khelaifi announced “his return to the Juventus football family”. The Italian club, which abandoned the ECA a year ago in conjunction with the explosion of the Super League bomb, leaves Real Madrid and Barcelona to fight for the Super League itself.

Al-Khelaifi himself also left the doors open for the last two dissidents: “We are waiting for you with open arms, we want you to be with us. The Super League? Two teams cannot play 20 games against each other. I have a lot of respect for both clubs, for their fans, but it makes no sense to stay on the sidelines. Real has a great history in the Champions League, they always want to win it but then they want to destroy it. It makes no sense very important for us and I think that ultimately it is for them too.

Barça? I think he needs to be here more than anyone else, given his situation. If I were the president, I would come back tomorrow. Laporta is a good person and I think he would benefit more.”