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“In my opinion, the Napoli squad is good, with Antonio the competitiveness grows. And the fact that he was chosen is a good sign because De Laurentiis understood that if he is the president and makes those who know how to do it work, he can get results.” Thus to TuttoMercatoWeb.com the former manager of Napoli and Juventus, Luciano Moggi.

The other profile evaluated was Gasperini.
“I have always said that whoever took Conte would have taken the best. With all due respect to others, Conte is Conte.”

Improving this year’s ranking shouldn’t be difficult…
“Alt. Conte doesn’t go to a team to do better, but to win.”

We will have to deal with the market. Many people like Osimhen and Kvaratskhelia…
“Osimhen will leave safely. But Antonio knows how to make everyone perform at their best, twice as much as the other coaches.”

The Di Lorenzo case broke out…
“In my opinion, when Conte arrives he will put everything in place. Di Lorenzo also wants to stay with Antonio.”

And what will Juve be like with Thiago Motta?
“A good Juve will emerge. The basic problem will be to re-establish the midfield. If you put Koopmeiners he is an important piece, then Calafiori is an excellent reinforcement. I’m confident. They won’t make big expenses, but what they have to do.”

Champions League final: who are you aiming for?
“On paper there would be no doubt… Real Madrid are favourites. But football offers surprises.”