UEFA news, only clubs that own their own official logos and colors are admitted to the cups

A small step in the great battle of UEFA against the Super League. Thus you can read a new article included in the new edition of the “Club Licensing and Financial Sustainability Regulations”, the regulation which defines among other things “the minimum sporting, social and environmental sustainability, infrastructural, personnel and administrative, legal and financial requirements that a club must meet to obtain a license from its licensor (for example an Italian club from the FIGC, ed.) as part of the admission procedure to participate in club competitions”.

The new article introduced by Nyonheaded “License applicant’s identity, history and legacy”, reads as follows: “All elements that constitute the visual identity of a football club in connection and combination with the official name and/or the name of the team in competitions, such as the official crest, logos, other marks and colors officers of the club, must be owned and under the exclusive control of the license applicant.”

The new provision, explains UEFA, is intended “to preserve and protect the identity, history and legacy of the clubs, thus strengthening the integrity of the competitions and the European sporting model”.

The provision is aligned with the recent amendments to the UEFA Statutes, whose new article 51-bis provides that “Member Associations must adopt the necessary measures to ensure that clubs do not alter their legal form, the structure of their legal group or their identity, to the detriment of the integrity of a club competition; and/or to the detriment of the history and legacy of the club; and/or to circumvent the principles of sporting merit and/or to improperly obtain a licence.”