The latest BBC piece is withdrawn, Buffon: “Bonucci, a great champion, he made us proud”

“A great champion.” Gianluigi Buffonhead of the National delegation, spoke at Rai2 after the first day of training in Coverciano in view of the European Championships. And thus he comments on his farewell to football Leonardo Bonuccifor years his partner both at Juventus and in Italy: “Leo was a great champion, a great leader, a generous boy, who always sacrificed himself for the cause, regardless of his physical form and his ailments. He wrote fundamental pages for our national team. It made us proud and made us rejoice several times.”

Spalletti explained that it is important to do your best.“The coach focuses a lot on this aspect, that of always having a certain hunger to always be able to push to the maximum and be able to try to achieve objectives that might have seemed unthinkable. I believe this is the ABC of those who want to be champions: never being satisfied , always find a reason to be important.”

He also remembered that the adversary is also there…“Of course, and sometimes there is also good or bad luck. The 2016 European Championship comes to mind: we make a great group, we finish first and unfortunately the most successful teams do badly, so we meet them all. If we had arrived in final, only Brazil was missing. You did your best and it didn’t go well: amen.”

At youth level we are working very well.
“It means that our level has returned to what our history imposes on us. When I was a boy we met England, Spain, Portugal: they were balanced matches, but more often than not we won. It seems to me that we are back on those tracks.”