Taranto, Miceli on C’s playoffs: “Vicenza was the team I didn’t want to face”


The defender of Taranto, but owned by Turris, Mirko Miceli spoke to the microphones of TMW Radio during the broadcast To All C. The center back born in ’91 talks like this about the Serie C playoffs, which reached the semi-finals:

“At the start of the playoffs I hoped not to face Vicenza straight away, who instead we met. However, Benevento, Avellino and Vicenza are all very strong teams.”

The other loose cannon is Carrarese, coached by Mister Calabro. You had him in Francavilla, what kind of coach is he?
“He came from some complicated years, he redeemed himself in Carrara and is doing very well. He certainly took over in a strong and amalgamated team, but there is both his hand and that of his deputy Giuseppe Padovano”.

How much are you seeing the Serie C movement growing?
“Now in Serie C there are Serie A squares, which are also important in terms of population. There are many renowned teams, now we find ourselves playing with players who have achieved higher categories.”

Listen to the complete interview with Mirko Miceli in the podcast below!