PSG prepares the assault on Rodrygo, Ancelotti slows down: “Important player for the present and future”

Mister Carlo Ancelotti spoke at a press conference to present the Champions League final scheduled for tomorrow against Borussia Dortmund. These are his declarations, among the many topics analysed, on the transfer rumors that Rodrygo would be in the sights of Paris Saint-Germain for the post-Mbappé period: “I am very happy to be here in the final. The concerns will come later. I have a lot of faith in my team. I know that my players will give everything, even Rodrygo. He is a very important player and will be so in the future too, without a doubt.”

How are you preparing for this meeting?
“The most important thing in this type of match is to give the players clear ideas about what they have to do on the pitch. I will focus on the tactical aspect of the match. Everyone handles emotions differently. Fear and worry are an important part to do things well. The team has shown quality and sacrifice, this will be the key tomorrow.”

What it’s like to step onto the pitch at Wembley?
“Playing here, in this historic stadium, is exciting.”

Real Madrid is obsessed with the Champions League?
“The Champions League is not an obsession. The obsession is to compete and give your best. There are moments when things don’t go as you would like. We can already say that the season has been very positive.”

With Dortmund a cycle ends for his Real?
“This generation of players has done a fantastic, incredible job.”

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