Norway-Italy, the official lineups: Giugliano out. Singer with Giacinti. Haug from 1st

Former Roma player Haug will lead Norway’s attack in this afternoon’s match against Italy alongside Graham Hansen and Ildhusoy with star Hegerberg initially starting from the bench alongside Mjelde and Maanum. In the middle of the field, however, the blaugrana Engen will be the pivot of the three-man line with Boe Risa and Reiten at his sides. In defense Bergsvand-Haviken is the central pair ahead of Fiskerstrand.

Soncin’s Italy responds with Cantore alongside Giacinti and Bonansea on the right lane of midfield in the usual 4-4-2 which can become a 4-3-3 in the possession phase with the two Juventus players as wingers. In midfield the absence of Roma player Giugliano stands out with Galli alongside Caruso and Greggi who will start as a left-footed winger. In defense there is a four-man line almost entirely of the Giallorossi brand with only Lenzini as an intruder ahead of Giuliani.

These are the official lineups:
Norway (4-3-3): Fiskerstrand; Bjelde, Bergsvand, Harviken, T. Hansen; Boe Risa, Engen, Reiten; Graham Hansen, Haug, Ildhusoy. Available: Pettersen, Mikalsen, Ostenstad, Thorisdottir, Mjelde, Saevik, Hegerberg, Kielland, Maanum, Terland, Gaupset, Naalsund. CT Greinger
Italy (4-4-2): Giuliani; Bartoli, Lenzini, Linari, Di Guglielmo; Bonansea, Galli, Caruso, Greggi; Giacinti, Cantore. Available: Schroffenegger, Baldi, Bergamaschi, Giugliano, Severini, Girelli, Beccari, Catena, Dragoni, Boattin, Bonfantini, Salvai. CT Soncin