Lautaro ready to renew with Inter: how the budget cost will change

Lautaro Martinez he says yes. The Argentine striker is ready to accept the offer ofInter and renew his contract until 2029, with a salary adjustment. His salary will rise from 6 million euros for the season plus bonuses (7.5 million all-inclusive) to 8 million plus bonuses (10 all-inclusive). But how will this contract renewal impact Inter’s accounts? Colleagues of Football & Finance they analyzed the impact on the Nerazzurri club.

The historical cost of Lautaro Martinez is just under 29.6 million euros. As of 30 June 2023 – the last official data available based on financial statements – the net value was just under 7.5 million euros: as of 30 June 2024 it will have fallen to just under 5 million euros.

Lautaro’s cost last season was equal to approximately 13.6 million euros for Inter, considering the approximately 2.5 million euros linked to amortization and the 11.1 million gross salary (without considering bonuses). He will increase it with a new contract: a slight decrease in amortization will in fact correspond to a more significant increase in salary.

If the figures are confirmed, the new amortization (considering an agreement until the end of the 2028/29 season) will be equal to just under 1 million euros. The salary of 9 million net will instead correspond to a gross of 16.65 million euros, for a total budget cost equal to 17.65 million euros approximately in 2024/25, up by just over 4 million euros compared to 2023/24.