John Elkann: “My family united by a shared passion for Juventus and Ferrari”

During his interview with Futurethe CEO of Stellantis John Elkann he spoke about his galaxy of investments, also touching on Juventus in passing, when talking about the relationships and future of his children and his family:

Do you see a future for your family in Italy and Turin?
“Although my work mainly takes me out of Italy, my wife and I decided to live in Turin: our children were born here and were baptized here and go to school. Our roots are in Turin, an area to which we are we feel connected and to which we continue to strengthen our social commitment”.

How is it structured, and with what priorities?
“For years, four foundations linked to my family have been active, especially in Turin but not only: the Agnelli Foundation, which promotes research and concrete projects on schools; the Agnelli Pinacoteca committed to art; the Specchio dei Tempi Foundation which deals with emergencies social; and the Candiolo Cancer Research Foundation active in the healthcare field”.

Let’s talk about your children: what is their relationship? Will they also find incentives to stay in Italy? It is with this generation, after all, that our country is staking its ambitions for the future.
“We are a family very united by affection and a shared passion for Ferrari and Juventus. Looking at my children, grandchildren and their friends I see young people with a great desire to learn and this gives me confidence in the future.”