Impallomeni: “Conte did not choose Naples due to lack of alternatives”

TO TMW Radioduring Maracanahad his say on the issues of the day Stefano Impallomenijournalist and former footballer.

Inter, we are now ready for the renewal of Lautaro:
“The risk of losing him was high. If the negotiations take a long time, the parties will get nervous. We’re talking about 9 million plus bonuses.”

What choice is the player’s?
“Of life. There were some things to be ironed out and we reached a point where Lautaro won by a landslide. 9 million net plus bonuses is incredible, for a strong footballer who still doesn’t make a scratch in important matches like a top player should. However, he was rated as such by Inter, but for example in matches like City he didn’t have an impact.”

What signal is Oaktree?
“A very strong signal of continuity.”

Isn’t Vlahovic who gets 12 million also a top player?
“He isn’t either but he’s strong, important. Better to have than not to have players like these but he’s not a top player yet.”

Gasperini says that there are 15 points missing for the Scudetto and that now we need to be stronger:
“For me he can make this leap, as long as he keeps the best players. He wants to see if Percassi follows him, but Atalanta is close to certain objectives. The other big names are starting from a new project, at least their direct rivals. I’m curious to understand how it will go.”

Conte, very important operation for Napoli. But it is already said that Conte had no requests:
“It was Conte’s choice but also a challenge. Many say he had nothing, he was waiting for Juve, but he chose Napoli. And this is the reality. No one can complain about this blow, it was a perfect move by ADL, a great coach in a difficult place where Spalletti won a short time ago. It’s a challenge for Conte, to say that he chose Napoli due to lack of alternatives is laughable.”

Lazio, Fabiani hard on Kamada:
“I’ve been saying it for some time, he was put at the center of the project by Tudor and in the end he gave the package to Fabiani, who is right to be irritated. The Japanese has shown that he doesn’t care about Lazio at all and has never been interested in it something. It’s good that Guendouzi stays, but Tudor doesn’t bet on it. So what happens? Why does Kamada leave after you bet on him and who doesn’t want to stay?

Rome, what market will it be?
“I believe that Roma can create a good combination between De Rossi and Ghisolfi, who are young and want to emerge. However, the club needs to send a clear message, it must make it clear where this Roma can go after failed attempts. I would like to see more balance and a squad that needs to be strengthened at the very least. This team needs to be built in a more harmonious way. It has been built poorly over the years. You need wingers, you have to find the right striker.”