Gasperini: “At a certain point we began to understand that we could go higher and higher”


Special day for Atalanta, fresh winner of the Europa League. Gian Piero Gasperini’s team – which will officially close the season next Sunday with the rematch of the championship against Fiorentina – in fact presented itself this morning at the Municipality of Bergamo to the delivery of the gold medal of the City of Bergamo. The entire presidency was present, including Stephen Pagliuca.

The Municipality has decided to bring forward the delivery of the honor – which is usually awarded at the end of the year – given the amazing sporting success achieved last week in Dublin, where the Nerazzurri beat Bayer Leverkusen, and to make the delivery coincide with the day of the celebrations of the continental title, combining the institutional celebration with the celebration of the Atalanta people scheduled for tonight: the open-top bus through the streets of the city that will arrive at the stadium.

The words of Gian Piero Gasperini during the delivery ceremony: “I would like to say that with these guys we were always there thinking, preparing, training to improve ourselves and have sporting results, we didn’t even imagine what our goals could have been. At a certain point we began to believe and understanding that we could always go higher has always animated the spirit of wanting to improve to bring a sporting result.

In the end we realized that behind us there was enormous happiness, it was what gave us the most pleasure of all. Every time we go around the city we see happy people, for us this was the greatest success, it was wonderful to see people hugging you, who woke up in the morning and thought more about us, like coming to Rome and Dublin , all the sacrifices made at the stadium, this was something wonderful. We understood what the history of Bergamo and this city is, what is behind this team, all the players who have passed and brought a small contribution, it is extraordinary to understand the attachment and faith, what Atalanta represents . It’s something that I’ve always tried to convey because there are players that Atalanta is something more, today we felt they were a great strength that will help us in the next matches. We will come out even stronger, more true, precisely to represent this city.”