Dybala intrigued by Premier and La Liga. Ghisolfi’s first move: Angelino redeemed

Paulo Dybala gave an interview to the newspaper ‘The Athletic’ and, during the question and answer, he also spoke about his future: “I’ve been in Italy for almost 12 years and I’m still having an incredible time. It’s difficult for me to see myself outside of ‘Italy, because here I grew up and became a man. Italy has given me everything. It would be difficult to leave it, but of course one always has the curiosity and desire to play in leagues like La Liga, the Premier League, where there are. great teams and great players.”

In another passage, however, Dybala stated that he wanted to try to win trophies with Roma: “I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to win. I won, I lost. Defeats in European cups are my regret. I didn’t win the Champions League or Europa League but that’s always my goal. I want to win everything I can with Roma”.

Meanwhile, after having made the new head of the technical area official, the company has started to move concretely on the market: Angelino’s card was redeemed by Leipzig, left back paid five million euros. The player born in 1997 has signed a multi-year contract worth 1.8 million euros net per season.