Cremonese-Venice 0-0, the report cards: Limited queue, Pohjanpalo difficult evening

Final result: Cremonese-Venice 0-0

CREMONESE (by Paolo Lora Lamia)
Saro 6 – Overall a quiet match for the grey-red goalkeeper, who only stood out with a couple of clearances over the 90 minutes.

Antov 6.5 – An attentive match by the right centre-back, who raises the white flag exhausted less than ten minutes from the end. From 83′ Lochoshvili sv.

Radishes 6 – In the middle of the area he largely does his duty, despite the opponent on duty being first Pohjanpalo and then Gytkjaer.

Whitebait 6 – Together with the rest of the department, he counters Venezia’s rare offensive initiatives well. When the lagoon people push harder, he responds presently.

Zanimacchia 6.5 – He pushes consistently on the right, giving little to Bjarkason and putting some inviting balls in the middle. In the second half he also came close to scoring. From 83′ Quagliata sv.

Collocolo 6 – He guarantees substance in the midfield, but also presence in the final metres. Better in the first half of the game.

Chestnuts 6 – More than providing geometries and illuminating the maneuver, it helps in the battle that rages in the crucial area of ​​the field.

Buonaiuto 6.5 – His impact on the match grows as the minutes pass, as he appears forward with ever greater frequency, also making himself dangerous. From 60′ Pickel 6 – With his entry onto the pitch, he gives the midfielder the freshness it needs.

Sernicola 6.5 – Less involved at the start than his colleague Zanimacchia, he grows noticeably after the break and remains at good levels even towards the end when he changes lanes.

Vazquez 5.5 – When he touches the ball he does it with quality, but it doesn’t stand out like in previous performances. From 71′ Tsadjout 5.5 – End of the match with a few touched balls, but without creating any major dangers in the final metres.

Queue 6 – Well limited by the opposing centre-backs, he still managed to challenge Joronen once in the first half. He repeats himself, always on one occasion, on the second. From 71′ Ciofani 5.5 – End of the match without any major outbursts, due to the few balls available and the careful defense of Venezia.

Giovanni Stroppa 6 – He plays more to win than his opponents, but his team lacks the decisive shot to bring home the full result.

VENICE (by Paolo Lora Lamia)
Joronen 7 – The best of his. Decisive in the first half of the game, with a save on Coda. He did it again in the second half, having a major impact on the final draw.

Idzes 6.5 – Imperious in front of goal, where he often gets the better of opponents who would like to make themselves dangerous. From 86′ Altare sv.

Svoboda 6 – Of the defensive trio, he is the one who, when given the opportunity, bursts forward. Sufficient proof.

Sverko 6.5 – He concedes very little in his area of ​​expertise, keeping more than one tricky ball away. He never loses concentration.

Candle 5.5 – Insufficient in both phases in the first part of the match, having difficulty defending and offering little. Slightly better as the 90 minutes progress.

Lella 6 – He starts the match with a good attitude, then loses a bit of incisiveness both in midfield and when he pushes forward. From 77′ Ellertsson sv.

Tessmann 6 – In the middle of the pitch he doesn’t give the desired geometries, even losing some bad balls. He grows in the second half.

Busio 5.5 – He tries to emerge in the finishing phase, but he doesn’t succeed as he would like. From 60′ Andersen 6 – With his entry, the lagoon people acquire new energy in view of the final of the race.

Bjarkason 5.5 – Anonymous performance on the left, with very few ideas. He doesn’t improve like other teammates in the second half of the game.

Pierini 6.5 – He moves between the lines, emerging much more after the break when he even comes close to taking the lead by hitting the crossbar. From 86′ Olivieri sv.

Pohjanpalo 5 – Difficult evening for the top scorer of the cadet championship, poorly served by his teammates and canceled out by the grey-red defensive trio. From 60′ Gytkjaer 5.5 – The former Monza player doesn’t make the hoped-for turnaround, touching few balls like the teammate he takes over.

Paolo Vanoli 6.5 – He has the card of two draws to go to Serie A and he wins the first with a tough effort, even coming close to the coup at the start of the second half.