Cosenza, ag. Tutino and the sirens from Salerno: “It’s not fantasy football to imagine him in the grenade”

With 20 goals in the last Serie B tournament, Gennaro Tutino it has attracted the attention of many companies in terms of the market. To the point that the redemption from the loan agreed upon with Parma by the Cosenza appears more complicated than expected.

In this sense, one of the last companies to be compared to the class of 1996 is the Salernitanaa club just relegated from Serie A and called upon to give life to a new technical relaunch project.

“It’s not fantasy football to imagine him in Salerno – replied the Neapolitan player’s agent Mario Giuffredi to TuttoSalernitana -, But it’s early. Despite the criticisms, I am a guy from the South who tries to lend a hand to the teams in his region. I would gladly do it with Salernitana too, also because there are few more beautiful squares than Salerno.”