Catanzaro, Veroli: “Proud of our journey. I was hoping for a different ending”

In his first season in Serie B Davide Verolia left-footed winger born in 2003, immediately carved out a large space for himself in the hierarchies of Vincenzo Vivarini to Catanzaroso much so that the loan with right of redemption and against redemption agreed upon with Cagliari twelve months ago, it could be a topic of discussion in the next few days (the redemption will have to be exercised by June 5th).

While waiting to understand whether the player’s adventure will continue at ‘Ceravolo’ or not, here comes the post commenting on the season just ended via Instagram:

“What can I say after a season like this…I’m proud to have made this important journey with a club, fans, teammates and a staff that made me feel like a boy with important values ​​before being a player! I return home with a lot sorry, because perhaps the ending I was hoping for was different from what it was, but we can only come out of it with our heads held high aware that we gave everything we had in every match of the season, trying to make the fans who were there proud always close.

Thanks for this memorable year for me Catanzaro, let’s go eagles”