Carpi, Saporetti: “Close comparison with Ravenna. The turning point with Pistoiese”

TMW Radio

Twenty-one (or 22) goals in 29 appearances to lead the Carpi in Serie C. Simone Saporettia striker born in 1998 who grew up in the youth sector of Bolognaspoke about the present and future of the Emilian club through the microphones of TMW Radio within the ‘A Tutta C’ broadcast:

Let’s start with the serious things: twenty-one or twenty-two goals this season?
“I consider it 22, because I scored 22 on the pitch. The Pistoiese case took a goal away from me, but it was important. The match was cancelled, but at the time it was an important goal.”

Flexibility on the offensive front is an additional weapon.
“I played as a winger in the 4-3-3, this year playing with two strikers I felt more free to vary.”

Model footballer?
“The model that inspires me the most is Paulo Dybala, more of a second striker than a winger in the 4-3-3”.

But is his true role model Messi?
“Messi is Messi…”

Very tight season against “his” Ravenna…
“The confrontation was intense. I didn’t expect them to compete in this championship: being born in Ravenna and being from Ravenna, I was a bit sorry to go head to head with them, but when we left we never stopped.”

The turning point race?
“It is precisely the match against Pistoiese that I was telling us about before in reference to the goal conceded. At the end of the first half we were 2-1 down, we overturned it and never stopped until the direct clash with Ravenna, where starting from -1 we beat them and overcame them without ever being caught again”.

The secret of your doorstep continuity?
“For attackers, continuity is everything. When you find that it’s easier to perform.”

Have you ever self-purchased on Football Manager?
“They didn’t tell me, but then I absolutely have to do it.”

Where are you going next year?
“I haven’t spoken to my agent De Marchi yet. We’ll give ourselves some time to enjoy the break and then we’ll update. I wish myself the best and hope to be able to stay in the professionals.”

Are you passionate about fishing?
“I have a boating license, I like to go fishing when summer arrives. I really like it and I inherited this passion from my family.”