Buffon: “The national team is underrated, both as a team and as individuals. It often brings good results”

Gianluigi Buffonhead of delegation of National Italian, spoke to Rai2 after the first day of the meeting in view of the European Championships: “It went very well, it was very nice to see each other again and know that we have this responsibility that stimulates us so much, and that is to be able to arrive at this European Championship with the possibility of being protagonists”.

Italy has often been underestimated…
“It is a national team, in my opinion, which has important values, from a human and technical point of view. I think it is a national team, incorrectly, not appreciated for its value, both as a team and as an individual. Being underestimated makes us compete well, that’s the hope.”

Is it the toughest group of the European Championships?
“It is certainly the toughest group of the European Championship, but it will also be tough for the others who will have to face us. This is a certainty and it is a strength, knowing that others fear you. In a benchmark of values, we are considered by our opponents as a potential winner.”

In the past we have beaten Spain several times. The Azzurri are always feared.
“I think this is our story, regardless of how the events go, our opponents know that, when they meet us, twenty minutes won’t go by peacefully and that they will have to be very concentrated to bring home the three points. This is by virtue of an important history and also a present, in the end we are the holders of the cup, despite having failed to qualify for the world championship. Everyone will have to sweat their proverbial sweats to beat us.”