Benjamin Sesko, forbidden dream of many teams (like Milan). It costs at least 55 million

It is the forbidden dream of half of Europe. But due to a question of money it will be difficult for him to come to Italy. Because Benjamin Sesko is one of the best prospects, eighteen goals in forty-two games in his first year in Leipzig. Physically strong, technical, potentially unstoppable. He would have a termination clause with the Germans worth 65 million, and it is the only way to ensure that a proposal is accepted. In addition to his possible price, there would then be requests from the agents, theoretically around 10% of the transfer. Even remaining low on prospects, Sesko would cost 70 million, plus a salary that would then need to be parameterized.

At this moment a renewal with Leipzig is probable. Or an insertion by Chelsea, who has money – and a lot of it – and the intention to invest in young people continues to be there, although at this moment Boehly’s policy has been anything but fruitful. And Milan? His agent had been seen at Casa Milan years ago, proposing Sesko to Maldini when he was at Salzburg. A bit like Haaland at Juventus, he was judged too immature to be the starter in a big league in our league.

Now something has changed. But the very big risk is that it is now too late to see him in Serie A. Benjamin Sesko turns 21 today.