Avellino is preparing for the ‘Menti’ match against Vicenza. The guest sector is already sold out

We are now already in a game mood both in Veneto and Campania, because the second leg playoff semi-final is approaching: on Sunday 2 June, at the ‘Romeo Menti’, Vicenza and Avellino will face each other to reach the final, where he will find the winner of the ‘Vigorito’ match between Benevento and Carrarese. The Tuscans won the first leg 1-0, while in the Vicenza stadium we will start from the 0-0 draw of ‘Partenio-Lombardi’. Everything is therefore still open, with the only certainty being the public, which will be those attending the big occasions.

The home team will not lack the support of their fans, but the green and white wolves will also have great support. As you read above tuttoavellino.itIn fact, the presale for the guest sector of the ‘Menti’ started yesterday morning at 10:00 and sold out within a few minutes. Therefore, all 1200 coupons available to Irpinians have been sold out, but they will perhaps be able to enjoy the free sale of coupons in other sectors as well (a GOS meeting is underway to determine the criteria).

But be careful, the Vicenza public was quite clear on the matter. The organized group Fedelissimi has already made it known that the presence of Irpinia fans in the Distinti sector will not be tolerated: the alert, therefore, could already be maximum, in order to avoid disorder.