Vitale and the silence of the Fiorentina managers: “Calling them that is a big word”


The historic Florentine leader Pino Vitaleduring his interview given to TMWalso spoke about the players of Florentine who disappointed him the most in the Conference League final lost against Olympiacos: “The champions must win the matches and Nico Gonzalez is the most important player in the squad. Olympiacos is a modest team, I expected it to be able to make the difference. I certainly didn’t expect anything from Belotti or Nzola, but something important from him. You can win or lose the finals, but the value of the players is the same, the material isn’t excellent.”

Didn’t it surprise you that no manager spoke after the defeat?
“Who are the managers? Who is there, Commisso who is the president? Calling the others managers is a big word, they have to prove it with facts, starting with Ferrari, who in three days made him general manager, but not on merit. The players were disappointed, I understand them. I wasn’t scared of Olympiacos, but this is Fiorentina.”

I close by asking you which center forward you would choose on the market because that seems to be Fiorentina’s real problem.
“You have to be good and look in Europe, in Italy I don’t see a strong center forward. I would have put two euros on Lucca years ago, he can do as well as Scamacca. Otherwise, look for people abroad, but you need to have seen many matches and have good scouts , something where Fiorentina seems to me to be slipping a little.”

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