Vicenza, the Fedelissimi warn the Irpinia fans: “We will not tolerate your presence in the stands”

In the last few hours, rumors have begun to circulate in Vicenza that have agitated the fans. In fact, it seems that many Avellino supporters are buying tickets in the other sectors in view of the second leg semi-final of the Serie C play-offs, with the strong risk that they will mix with the home fans. For this reason, the ‘Fedelissimi’ group has published a harsh note warning the Irpinia fans that they intend to show up in the ‘Distinti Nord’ (or Quadrato) sector which is usually occupied by them.

“After the controversies and various complaints, it is time for the Avellino fans to promise to invade all sectors of Menti. We inform Irpinia fans that ‘Distinti Nord’ is the sector occupied by Fedelissimi. The presence of visiting fans, scarves, flags, t-shirts or anything else that is not red and white will not be tolerated. – we read in the note – This is our home. Compact and united in the sector and above all only red and white, let’s bring our Lane to victory. You find yourself in your usual place, well before kick-off.”