Udinese, Collavino on Deulofeu: “Steps forward, to be seen whether they are sufficient for 100% recovery”

The future of Gerard Deulofeu, after the serious physical problems of the last year and a half, everything is still to be written. The general manager of Udinese Franco Collavinoin his interview with TuttoUdinesecommented on the Spaniard’s situation as follows:

Unfortunately Deulofeu was out all year: will Udinese be able to count on him again in the future?
“The first feeling is that of a deep sense of respect. Gerard is a boy who has fought against adversity for a year and a half. Nonetheless, he never lacked support for the club and his teammates in a season that was particularly complicated. His situation is still under analysis from a medical-health point of view. Some progress has been made. We will evaluate whether these are sufficient and compatible to allow a 100% recovery.”

What is your message to the fans who have shown loyalty and unity to the team more than ever before?
“A huge thank you, this is the first message I want to send to our fans. Their closeness was evident. There were many of them with Empoli where the bus was welcomed between two wings of the crowd. There were also many Frosinone people who suffered and rejoiced together with us. Beyond these two games they remained close to the team throughout the season. At home we had an average spectator of 22 thousand people. I believe they showed great closeness and for this we can only thank them.”