The hot days of Inter. Oaktree, Lautaro and Inzaghi: Marotta will take stock

These are very hot days at Inter. After the first meetings, the meetings will continue in the next few days, with the managers of Oaktree who at least in the initial ideas would like to be present on site at least 2-3 days a week for the next few months, in order to have direct and constant contact with all areas of the club. Then next Tuesday, in a hotel in the center of Milan, the shareholders’ meeting will take place in which the new governing body will be created with the directors of Oaktree as well as Marotta and Antonello.

Once the new Board of Directors has been defined, it will be time to elect the new president of Inter: in this sense, the share prices of Inter are clearly growing Carlo Marchetti, a Milanese notary much appreciated in the city and with a clear Inter faith. Already in the last three years he has taken part in the board of directors as part of the American fund, but now he could rise to the last step in the hierarchy and assume the role of guarantee as president of the Italian champion club.

In the meantime, to take stock of all the Nerazzurri issues – from Lautaro to coach Inzaghi – he thought about it anyway Beppe Marottawho spoke on the sidelines of the 2024 Rosa Camuna award in the Lombardy Region: “Is this or the second star better? Both, I believe, can be given in symbiosis. They are great results, great recognition, experienced in Milan and certainly have a particular emphasis”.

How did yesterday’s meeting go?
“We gave the reassurance from day one, we know that Oaktree as a fund wants to give continuity, stability and sustainability to the club, but above all it wants to continue in the wake of important results. I have to provide a lot of optimism.”

Could you be the new president?
“No, I was born a manager from a young age and it is right that I hold this position. The role of president belongs to others”.

Where are we at with Lautaro’s renewal?
“It’s not a concern, they are negotiations, negotiations that represent dynamics typical of the world of football, especially at this stage of the season. Let’s start from an important consideration, namely that Lautaro has a great sense of belonging to this club, this city and will help us in negotiation with his agent. There is certainly no rush, we will take things slowly, there are company priorities, we will also address these issues in due course, if we want to consider them as such, but not too much because they are ordinary situations”.

What is the situation for Inzaghi?
“Of course the same thing applies to Inzaghi as to Lautaro. He has shown that he is good, a winning coach, there is a desire to continue a journey, to extend his contract because it is not only trust, but also putting him in a position to make him work in peace. Its cycle will be able to continue for a long time to come.”